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Are you tired of suffering from constant pain in your neck, back or shoulders?

Do you feel tired, irritable and frustrated because everything you have tried so far hasn't worked?

Have you all but convinced yourself that it may never get better and that it's going to be like this for the rest of your life?

Does an average day of dreadful pain go something like this?

Mornings are hardly bearable and you barely manage waking up just because you're still feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep caused debilitating pain. Physically getting out of bed and starting to move is a whole other chore because of the pain and stiffness. If you're heading off to work, then you're faced with a very uncomfortable drive. If you're a full time driver then an entire day of terrible pain is ahead of you. Once you start working, standing or sitting at your desk the hours of burning pain is excruciating and makes it hard to get anything done.

Just getting up to move around still feels painful and there seems to be no answer.

Perhaps the pain is so bad you're unable to work which means a huge loss of income. This affects your self-esteem, your confidence and your ability to simply enjoy life.

Activities that you once enjoyed - hobbies, sports, fun with your family and friends, all become distant memories. All the physical agony in your body translates into the disruption of normal everyday activities - basically ruining your life as you once knew it.

You wind up in a vicious circle of trying to cope with the excruciating pain just so you can rest at night. Then, you're not able to sleep well at night because you can't get comfortable. You desperately try different positions but the relief that never comes.

Then it starts all over again. Back to beginning another day unable to work as much you would normally. Back to limited movement in your body and the pain that caused your short-temper, your frustration. You're close to the breaking point.

Enjoying everyday life is a complete struggle. Your body screams out in pain, but the suffering goes unheard.

Pain is ruining your life.


You don't have to continue with this suffering! You could put an end to this excruciating pain and did you know . . .

Getting relief from this pain can be simple and accomplished in only 7 seconds


Yes, you read that correctly . . . in just 7 seconds you could be getting relief from your agonising pain.

Sound too good to be true?

You're probably wondering how this is possible since you've been trying to find an answer for so long. Well, it is possible, and thousands of people have discovered that getting relief from their unbearable pain can be very simple when they know exactly what to do.

First, let me tell you who I am . . .

My name is Roy Palmer MSTAT NDT(INPP) and I've spent over 12 years helping more than 5,000 people successfully relieve pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Many of these people include athletes and professionals who rely on their body to perform at their absolute best (and when they have that much money on the line you better believe they choose the best to help them).

What I've discovered is that almost every solution to back pain prescribed by the medical profession is only effective in helping to temporarily relieve pain, but does almost nothing to cure the root of the problem.

Most of my clients have used painkillers, cortisone injections, physical therapy and more, but none of that worked. The solution was only temporary and within hours or days the pain would come back - sometimes worse then before.

It's like putting tape over a leaky pipe instead of fixing the hole in the pipe. It works short-term, but the problem still exists, and the the pipe starts leaking again in no time.

I found that the best way to reduce and eliminate pain is to help people recondition their bodies by using my super-effective techniques. The techniques themselves only take a couple of seconds to learn, but they will quickly start reducing your pain within the first couple of minutes, and gradually remove the pain as your body starts correcting itself from years of misuse and abuse. I understand the pain you're in as I was a sufferer myself until I discovered these techniques.

Since there is no possible way for me to personally help even a small part of the million of back pain sufferers, I decided to put this program together so people other than just my personal clients can get access to these incredible techniques.

This comprehensive guide provides you with all of my experience and knowledge, along with detailed symptom traits, and instructions for how to start fixing them immediately. I break down the powerful techniques for you to use and show you how to implement them correctly and eliminate your pain.

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Just a few of the people who have had success with these techniques are well-known professionals like Academy Award nominated comedian, John Cleese, best-selling author, Roald Dahl, and award-winning actors, Kevin Kline and Paul Newman.

Wondering if this might work for you?

You are in safe hands! This guide is based on techniques that are over one hundred years old and proven to work. These are very simple steps that anyone can do on their own once they know what to do. I've broken the techniques down into 7 simple things that you can do to relieve your pain. Best of all,they can be done in just 7 seconds! Imagine how easy that is! No long hours of tedious, boring exercises.

The simple, powerful techniques in this guide will help you:

  • Start feeling relief from your pain in seconds


  • Stop wasting money on expensive solutions like specialists and prescriptions that only remedy the pain and instead of fixing the problem (no more getting $200 bills for cortisone injections)


  • Start feeling refreshed in the morning after a great night's sleep (No more tossing and turning all night because you can't get comfortable from the pain)


  • Get back to enjoying your life again and stop planning around your pain


  • Get relief from your pain and prevent it from recurring by using these very safe, easy-to-use techniques


  • Stop feeling helpless as you take back control of your body and regain your confidence


  • Learn the root cause of your pain (and how to use that information to eliminate the problem)


  • Stop dealing with short term pain relief and focus on long-term recovery and getting back full use of your body


  • Regain the full range of motion and flexibility you once had even when you thought it would be impossible.


  • To sit at your pc comfortably working without the stress and pain you've put up with for a long time.


  • Return to pain free activity and exercise

Now, I know you're probably a little sceptical right now and I don't blame you. Especially when there are so many false claims out there promising relief without delivering. Millions of people have spent thousands of dollars on ineffective doctor visits and bogus contraptions.

But let me tell you, EVERYONE who has tried my technique has openly admitted it is . . .

The most effective solution that they have ever used!

7 seconds to pain relief

These simple steps are clear and easy to understand and, best of all, they can be done in just 7 seconds. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. These simple steps are based on the slight changing of daily habits. Just focusing on one of these 7 things can make dramatic improvements and relieve some of the pain you have been feeling in your body. They are so easy to do. You can do them almost anywhere, at anytime without the need for buying anything else - no expensive equipment or treatments.

It's not the symptoms you need to treat

The most important thing you need to know is when your body is in pain, it is trying to tell you that something is wrong. The mistake many people and even professionals make is that they try to treat the pain, which is the symptom of a problem. Symptoms are the effects that you feel and notice, and although these can be treated, the problem will still be there. Until the cause of the problem is identified, you will have to treat the symptoms, and worst of all, you will still be in a lot of pain that just never goes away completely.

It's like complaining about always feeling cold in your home when the problem is that the windows are left wide open. To solve the problem you close the windows and the symptoms of feeling cold will go away.

So, the pain you feel in your body is a symptom and to cure that pain, you need to . . .

Understand the causes of the
pain in your shoulders, neck and back

Once you know the causes, you're on your way to solving the problem and relieving the pain. So, what could the cause of your pain be? The major factor in back pain, in my opinion, is that most adults, due to the pressure and stress of modern living, have lost 'the art of natural movement'. They have stopped using their body in the natural ways that it was intended for.

Your body, particularly your muscles, need to be re-educated to work naturally again and reduce the stresses and strains we unknowingly place upon ourselves. This simple system shows you how to use your body as nature intended so that you eliminate, or drastically reduce, pain in your back, neck and shoulders. Just a few simple 'tricks' will show you how to reduce unnecessary effort for even the simplest, everyday tasks. This makes movement so much easier and lighter, and with a lot less pain.

Other pain relief treatments that have failed to work for you

Chances are, you've probably tried other treatments and they don't were unsuccessful. They might have helped a bit but only temporarily. You still dream of the day when your pain is completely gone.

Here are other treatments you may have tried . . .

  • Physical therapy, exercise or massage therapy,


  • osteopathy, Pilates


  • Expensive chiropractor visits


  • Surgery


  • Anti-Inflammatory medication, painkillers, cortisone injections or ultrasound


  • Off-the-wall, miracle cures or gadgets

It's not that these treatments don't work at all. They do have their place. It's the fact they only treat the symptoms. When only the symptoms are being treated, pain relief is temporary. To feel lasting pain relief you need to deal with the root cause of your pain. You also have to be aware of the possible side-effects brought on by some of these treatments.

Here's a story that explains the importance of finding the root of a problem and how fixing the root of the problem, eliminates all the symptoms -

A man's car has a faulty gearbox and so he takes it to the mechanic. The mechanic identifies the fault and replaces a number of components. A few months later the man returns with the same problem. So, again, the mechanic replaces the suspect parts.

A month later the same car is towed into the garage after another breakdown. The mechanic assumes there must be a design flaw with this model but can't recall seeing any similar faults. If the design was suspect, then everyone would have the same problem. Therefore, it must be something the driver is doing wrong.

He replaces the gearbox and asks the driver if he could ride along with him. The mechanic notices how poorly the man drives the car particularly when shifting gears. He suggests to the driver that a few lessons might help to improve his habits. The driver follows this advice and eventually the problems with the gearbox goes away. That's an honest mechanic!

The man didn't learn to drive a car that way. His bad habits just developed gradually. The mechanic could not identify the root of the problem by just looking at the car - he had to observe the driver and car in action to diagnose the cause.

To get lasting relief from your pain,
fixing the root cause of the problem is critical.

So, rather than taking a lot of painkillers or suffering in agony, you may have been advised by health or fitness professionals that exercise is the only way to relieve your pain. 'They must know what they're talking about and be right,' you may think. Well, actually, their advice isn't always right!

Lets take a closer look . . .

Back exercises and why they don't work

The theory is that a weakness in your muscles causes your body to work harder. They say a lack of correct support caused by weak muscles, causes pain.

So, you do exercises to strengthen these muscles thinking this will solve the problem. However, what you really need to look at is why these muscles became weak to start with. This is often due to them not being used correctly in your everyday activities. When you learn to use the muscles in your body as they were meant to be used, you will no longer experience the pain of weak muscles. This is what I teach in my guide.

If these techniques work so well,
why aren't they widely known?

These techniques are used extensively within the performing arts world and increasingly among sports professionals and athletes because of their effectiveness. They have kept this secret to themselves and very few people have realised this key to pain relief actually works. People in the performing arts world understand that their body is their livelihood and they make sure that it is used correctly. Have you stopped to consider how important your body is to earning a living and enjoying your life fully?

Will this help you?

If your job requires that you stand or sit for long periods of time, then these techniques can benefit you immensely.

They will help you if you get:

  • General aches and pains in your body


  • Pain from stress, headaches and eye-strain


  • Migraines and indigestion


  • Stress and tension

What else will these techniques alleviate?

These techniques can also help with the following conditions:

  • Degenerative disc disease


  • Sacroiliac joint pain


  • Pinched nerves


  • Sciatica


  • Spinal Stenosis


  • Herniated disc


  • Prolapsed/slipped discs


  • Piriformis Syndrome


  • Arthritis of the back muscle stratin


  • Spondylolis Fibromyalgia


  • Scoliosis

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Now for the most important question . . .

How quickly can it help you?

You're really fed up with the pain and you want something that is going to help you as quickly as possible. Well, how does just 7 seconds sound? Too good to be true? Although it may sound too good, the reality is, these techniques only take 7 seconds. Just 7 seconds to make the adjustments for your body to use its muscles correctly and relieve the pain.

The more often you repeat these 7 seconds of adjustment, the more you reduce stress on your joints, become free of pain and benefit from the improvements for years to come. Just 7 seconds can dramatically and positively impact all areas of your life - work, sports, family, etc..

It's very simple. All you have to do is relearn and teach your body to go back to what it was naturally designed to do. You don't have to try hard at any of this. In fact, trying hard doesn't work.

Safe techniques that have been used for over one hundred years and are proven to work

The simple techniques that you will discover in this guide have been used for over one hundred years because they are proven to work.

I've used them in my personal consultation business for the past 12 years and helped over 5,000 people suffering from the same pain you are find lasting relief. So that you can get this same pain relief, I have taken these safe techniques, my 12 years of experience teaching these techniques and put it all into this guide so that you can get the same pain relief you need.

"I just want to thank you. So far, I've just started your program, and already - wow! I have severe scoliosis and by just working with your spinal and hip joint techniques so far has resulted in my big rib hump being nearly flat as of this morning! IT'S INSANE!

WOW! I'm speechless. Thank you."
Jane Robertson, Ohio

"I'm using your program that I bought yesterday and I love it! I've had poor posture for years and I swear I already see improvement!"
Amy Mierzejewski, United States

"After several years of pain and injury I now run a few miles twice a week and lift weights again - I'm loving it. I'm starting to feel fit again and the speed it returning. Most importantly I have no ill effects from the running, quite the contrary, as it just makes me feel great.

Another thing I've notice is that my posture, both standing and seated seems to have returned to a naturally good state without needing to "try". I don't think a week passes that I don't feel grateful for this change. There's no doubt in my mind that your method has bought about this rather miraculous transformation. Life is good and I'm very happy and content again after all those dark years. Keep up the good work!"
Martin Dickens, runner and weightlifter, United Kingdom

"The time I spent with Roy in the UK last year was both fascinating and enlightening. With minimal effort he had me moving and standing comfortably and with minimal strain on my body. He was able to get me to do a full squat without effort and with no discomfort, something I hadn't done for years, if ever."
Greg Chappell, MBE, former Australian Test Cricket Captain.

"I row competitively and no longer suffer neck pain thanks to your program. I cannot imagine anyone failing to get something from it! Thank you so much!"
Wendy Goodman, Acupuncturist, United Kingdom

"Your guide was brilliant. So simple - but why had no one showed me this before? The constant stiffness in my neck has disappeared and I no longer get the headaches. Very easy to follow and something I was soon able to apply at work even under pressure. Thank you very much!"
Alicia, Account Manager, United States

Now, you can get immediate access to these
pain-relieving techniques

This guide is instantly downloadable. You can order it right here, at anytime and from anywhere in the world and get started eliminating your pain TODAY. You're only a couple of clicks away from discovering real and lasting pain relief.

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What is included with this guide?

  • You get the complete guide to relieving your pain quickly: The guide includes the seven simple steps to feeling relief from your pain in just 7 seconds. These steps are easy to follow and linked to video shorts with instructions on how to complete - see below.





  • You get videos that show you easily what to do for pain relief: There are 10 videos included that are quick to watch and to the point so that you can see for yourself the subtle changes to the body that make all the difference


Follow-Up Advanced Program

  • 4 week follow -up and advanced program: Sent to you over 4 weeks and helps you to include the seven steps in your everyday life. This is designed for you once you are ready to go beyond just relieving your pain.

    The advanced program is about being free of pain, living life fully and being able to do all that you want. No more missing out on anything you enjoy! This part of the program focuses on your body being stronger and able to carry out activities more easily. It will help you to get back to moving your body well and exercising without straining your body and suffering pain again.

    Included in the advanced program are:


  • Enjoyable and simple routines taking just a few minutes to improve your coordination, endurance and strength exactly where it's needed.

    Many cases of neck, back or shoulder pain are related to a lack of stamina in the postural muscles. This part of the advanced program will show you how to get these muscles working 'naturally' without putting your body under strain.



  • Okay, yet another implausible title! But the techniques to break the habits that may be causing you much pain and discomfort are based on sound science.

    Part two of the program builds on the main guide to help you identify and eliminate poor postural habits that can lead to excessive tension and stress. The quick and easy techniques can be applied to all bad habits!



  • Stress plays a large part in many people's lives these days. Stress can cause many health problems and over the long-term can be a killer.

    The techniques is this part of the advanced program will help you to look at stress and stressful situations in a completely new way and stop the stress getting into your neck, back and shoulder muscles.



  • Studies show that staying fit and active is the best way to avoid more back pain. This part of the advanced program will show you to improve your fitness without hurting your back, neck or shoulders again!

    This guide includes walking for fitness, starting a running program and advice on using a gym.




  • MP3's for you to listen to while you're walking or running as a reminder of precisely what you need to be doing so that you're keeping your body free of pain.

Limited Time Offer!

    Posture Assessment and Personalized Program Included with this program, at no extra cost to you, is a one-to-one postural assessment with me where you will receive a personalized program to ensure continued improvements in your health and well-being. This is sent to you during the last week of the program.

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How much does this guide cost?

My personal clients have paid me over a hundred dollars for just one session. In this guide, I've detailed the complete system that I've used to help athletes and professionals eliminate their pain and made it virtually accessible to anyone.

But you don't have to pay my $880 course fee. Your investment in this life-changing guide is now only $67! That's far less than the price of a single visit to your doctors. Even better, you get it instantly with virtually no waiting. You can start using my techniques instantly!



Once you place your order on Clickbank's secure server, you'll be directed to the download page, where you can download my pain relieving guide and get started IMMEDIATELY. The guide is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Read my guide, use the techniques and test it for up to 8 weeks.

If you're not thrilled with your results and your back hasn't significantly decreased, then simply write back and let me know. I'll promptly send you a 100% refund. No hassles. No questions asked!

To get your hands on your own copy of this guide simply click on the link below!

If your pain has been relieved like most people who use these techniques, then I'd like to hear from you! E-mail me your success story to tell me how much better you're feeling and all the things you can now do that you couldn't do before - and tell all your friends too.

What will you do with your new-found freedom?

Two weeks from now you can be suffering as you are today - maybe even worse, or, you can be pain free and have full use of your body with the ability to do what you want, when you want, you decide. Imagine enjoying life again and having a great time with your family and friends. Imagine getting a good night's sleep!

How much is this guide worth to you?

Perhaps you're wondering about the cost of this guide and whether it's worth it. I can relate to your thinking, after all, most of us don't want to waste money.

You've probably wasted money before on pills, treatments and pain killers that haven't worked, or at least only temporarily.

These techniques are going to bring you lasting relief so there won't be a need to spend money again on those expensive pills, treatments or consultations. The money you spend on this guide could save you a fortune.

Private consultations often run into hundreds of dollars per hour. In this guide you will learn all the techniques that you need to relieve your pain for a mere fraction of a private consultation.

Best of all, you are backed by our full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

Don't delay, get fast, simple pain relief!

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The quicker you order this guide, the faster you'll be relieving your back, neck and shoulder pain.

Here's to a pain free you!

Warmest regards


P.S. In just 7 seconds with these techniques you could be feeling relief from your pain. No boring exercises!

P.P.S Never before have I laid out these secrets that clients pay hundreds of dollars for. You now have a chance to get your hands on these proven-effective techniques utilized by thousands of my clients. You don't have to live with your back pain anymore.

Order your guide now! Try it for 8 weeks and see the results for yourself! You will be amazed at the relief you will feel. 100% money back guarantee!

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